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Indie Mediator is a freelance media design company and business consulting agency with a focus in increasing productivity in a cohesive workplace environment.  Doug Bryan, a sole proprietor and independent contractor, originated the initial concept in 2004 and has helped many small businesses grow since that time.

Indie Mediator is a team of freelancers that specialize in video production and editing, advertisement graphics, logo design and animation, website design, business development, marketing and music composition.  IndieMediator.com is a web store indiemediator.store 

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‘Mediation’ is the process in which a person influences the desires and preferences of another person(s).

 -Evident in Publicity and Marketing techniques -When a Product is Promoted, an Actor or Model

  is used as a ‘Mediator’ guiding the desires of consumer market.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

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The Spear and the Spindle
Ancestors and Decendents
of Sir Francis Bryan

Royal Blood


See how you are related to your friends, historical figures, and celebrities.


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My name is Doug Bryan and my path to a career in the digital arts began with my music. I originally began working with the Photoshop aspect of Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 4 back in 2006. My main goal was to create eye-catching digital marketing material for my music, which I then posted on social media sites like Myspace Classic. It was originally a means to an end, but I inadvertently learned a great deal during that time. Myspace is where I cut my teeth editing HTML code. To further spread the word about my music I became interested in video production. I took Advanced Final Cut Pro and an Adobe After Effects class at my local community college and began using Adobe Premiere in my Adobe CS4 suite to post music with visual effects on YouTube. Around this time I began a job with Blue Dress Marketing. My focus was producing video content for local businesses. From there I decided to expand my knowledge base and learn more about web design platforms. I wanted to be more useful to my clients and be more skilled with my Adobe Suite.  I also learned basic web design through an internship at an Knox IT. At Knox IT I first learned fundamental web design using Microsoft Front Page, but soon upgraded to Microsoft Expression Web. This is where I polished my skills in CSS and HTML. I now use Word Press and Website Builder hosted by GoDaddy for basic pages, and I use Volusion for my E-Commerce needs. I am also familiar with using FTP servers to update and manage files for websites. My music has often been the platform for me to practice my marketing and promotional materials design. My passion for that medium has never left me and I have found a way to incorporate that into my digital profession. I have become skilled at both audio and film production. For the past year I have been working in Los Angeles with Barber Tech Video Products at Eddie Barber Studios. They manufacture a wide array of video products for the film industry. I was created media for marketing and web presence  and still maintain their websites and e-commerce. I am currently very excited to be launching my career and hope I can be of assistance you.  I offer my services in video production and editing, advertisement graphics, logo design and animation, website design, and music/audio.   I look forward to working with you.  Check out some of my work below. Doug Moji


Video Production Camera Operation

Filming Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 5.33.17 PM 892044_10102187123329205_2857821443068786964_o

In house:

JVC Everio GZ-HD30 80GB AVCHD High Definition Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom

Panasonic HC‑V270 2.51 MP Camcorder ‑ 1080p

Outsource/ Rental:

Canon DSLR 70 D

Panasonic G6 and G7


Samsung NX 5 


SteadiPod Camera Stabilizers by BarberTech

Fancier dimable LCD Light Panels

Mic 150 xlr and Acoustic Solutions shotgun microphones

Tascam DR 5 Portable Digital Recorder

Available for rental (only in Los Angeles):  

LCD Teleprompter Systems  

Barber Boom with Operator

Videography Editing

Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects   Final Cut Pro

Logo Design and Animation

INDIEMEDIATORcolor  photo Animation-Steadipod-Add_zpstt5yvhse.giffull body white backgroundunnamed-5  photo Animate_zpsmvnwcfgt.gif


                                       Marketing Materials


Adobe Photoshop   Adobe Illustrator

Music and Audio

1452494_728810420482247_1189268894_n Propellerhead Reason 6.0

Flight Case

Portal Studio



 Streaming Solutions

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UStream and Periscope Ready, Instagram and Facebook Live


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The Spear and the Spindle

The Spear and the Spindle: Ancestors of Sir Francis Bryan (d.1550)
Bryan’s motto was Je tens grace
(‘I look for salvation’)
*Communicated to Henry VIII that of his ex-communication from Rome.
12. Sir Francis Bryan I “The Vicar of Hell”, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, Advisor to Crown b. June 1, 1490, Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, England; d. February 2, 1550, Clonmel, Tiperary, Munster, Ireland
10. William Bryan b. June 1599, County Claire, Ireland; d. June 1, 1667, Gloucester County, Virginia Colony, Colonial America -> Prince of Ireland, Deported to New America, Patriarch, Bringer of Thoroughbred Horses
8. Captain Morgan Bryan b. June 11, 1671, Skagen, Nordjylland, Denmark; d. April 3, 1763, Yadkin River, Rowan County, North Carolina, Colonial America -> Patriarch, Land Purchaser

6. John Bryan b. 1753, Rowan, North Carolina, USA; d. October 20, 1825, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA -> Revolutionary Soldier ; John Bryan: https://geni.com/hZ05d

7. Joseph H. Bryan, I b. June 1, 1720, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Colonial America; d. March 4, 1805, Floyd’s Fork, Shelby County, Kentucky, United States -> Revolutionary Soldier, Cofounder of Bryan Station and the Bryan Settlements

Joseph Bryan, described as a “tall rawboned man,” migrated from Virginia, where Rebecca Bryan was born, to the forks of the Yadkin in NC some time after the rest of the Bryan families, and settled about four miles from his father, Morgan Bryan. He was married twice and had eleven children, one son Joseph, by his first wife Hester Hampton, two sons and eight daughters by his second wife, Alee Linville. She was Rebecca Bryan Boone’s mother. He was living at Floyd’s Fork when he died in 1805. [source] []

Bryan Station Farm

A safe quiet farm to live and board.

5. Charles Hinkle Bryan b. December 14, 1807; d. January 14, 1885, Turkey Spring, Illinois. Nephi, Utah. -> ‘Doctor, Frontier Pioneer, Lived off the Land, Mormon Exodus to Utah ordained Priest

Once described as “one of the cleverest men that ever lived”

The Mormons were driven from of Lovington, Illinois. – James Cazier, Benjamin Cazier, and John Cazier were among the Mormons together with Andrew Love and James O. Bigelow who were pushed out of Lovington, Illinois.

Charles H. Bryan and Miranda were so distressed by the departure of their loved ones that they later sold their homestead and followed the Mormons to the Rocky Mountains. Charles H. Bryan and Miranda felt the Mormons were being villianously imposed upon and nothing could part them from their family and friends.


4. William Andrew Cazier Bryan b. April 5, 1849, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States; d. circa 1948 -> Lawyer graduated Cornell practiced in Nephi City, Utah, Politician – City and County Attorney, Telegraphist. 

William Andrew Cazier Bryan: https://geni.com/6Jg71

“What a world of wealth comes to those who’s hearts are satisfied by the response of love.” -W.A.C. Bryan

Communicated to Abraham Lincoln Utahs position in Civil War via telegram with Brigham Young.

Assisted Brigham Young in Mormon expansion.

 2. Dr. Ronald William Bryan -> M.D. Neurologist born Protestant converted Catholic at marriage

3. Alif Bryan b. December 31, 1901, Utah, United States; d. 1998, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States -> Industrial Chemist Tehachapi Concrete born Mormon but converted Protestant at marriage


1. Douglas Gregory Bryan b. April 8, 1986, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, United States

-> published music, droog byron https://geni.com/qjqhP, dig doug sounds published writing, content in hacker noon, above intelligent. emerge – e-book web development company indie mediator, – technician, designer land development.

180 profiles added and counting Geni Geanealogist or Geniologist.

born Catholic